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Name School EmailAddress
Lonnie Ales Batesville Junior High School
Heather Ales Alternative School
Carey Allen Batesville Intermediate School
Lori Anderson Pope School
Betty Anderson South Panola High School
Rose Armstead Batesville Intermediate School
Norma Arnold South Panola High School
Brandy Arnold South Panola High School
Frances Ashcraft Batesville Elementary School
Janet Aten District Office
Wanda Ausborn Batesville Junior High School
Sabrina Austin Batesville Junior High School
Courtney Austin Batesville Elementary School
Joanne Autrey Batesville Intermediate School
Jennifer Aven Batesville Middle School
Mary Baglan Pope School
Julia Bainer Batesville Middle School
Christel Baird South Panola High School
Connie Baker Batesville Middle School
Lara Baker Pope School
Alana Baker Batesville Elementary School
Shire Ballentine Batesville Junior High School
Robert Barnard Jr South Panola High School
Dolores Barnett District Office
Harriet Beall Batesville Middle School
Linda Bean Batesville Intermediate School
Minnie Beardain Batesville Junior High School
Mary Bennett District Office
Liz Benson Batesville Middle School
Kim Bickerstaff South Panola High School
Betty Billingsley Batesville Junior High School
Dorothy Black South Panola High School
Janet Blackmon South Panola High School
Sara Blaylock South Panola High School
Judy Bolton Batesville Middle School
Alex Bondurant South Panola High School
Anderson Boothe South Panola High School
Laura Boughton South Panola High School
Donna Box Pope School
Dave Box Batesville Middle School
Brenda Brasher Pope School
Nancy Bridges District Office
Joan Bright South Panola High School
Tracy Bright South Panola High School
Terri Bright Batesville Elementary School
Penny Briscoe Batesville Intermediate School
Jana Brock Batesville Elementary School
Terri Broome Pope School
Christy Broome South Panola High School
Candy Broome Batesville Elementary School
Angela Brown South Panola High School
Nancye Brown Batesville Middle School
Nikki Brown Batesville Middle School
Teresa Browning Alternative School
Ashley Bryant Batesville Elementary School
Nikki Burkes Batesville Intermediate School
Ernestine Burnett South Panola High School
Christy Burnett Batesville Elementary School
Erica Burns Batesville Intermediate School
Nancy Burt Batesville Junior High School
Leslie Busby Batesville Junior High School
Becky Busby Pope School
Jessica Cain Batesville Junior High School
Ellen Carson Batesville Middle School
Dietrick Cauthen Batesville Middle School
Karen Champion Batesville Intermediate School
Craig Chapman Batesville Junior High School
Amberly Chapman South Panola High School
Dennis Christian Batesville Elementary School
Kevin Coakley South Panola High School
Beth Cobbs Batesville Junior High School
Jim Cobbs District Office
Tonya Coker Batesville Middle School
Colleen Conner Batesville Junior High School
Michael Cook South Panola High School
Karen Cook District Office
Robbie Cook Batesville Elementary School
Mari Correro Pope School
Karen Covington Batesville Junior High School
Martha Cox Batesville Middle School
Mechelle Cox Batesville Middle School
Cortney Cox Pope School
Denise Coy Batesville Elementary School
Brenda Crowell Batesville Elementary School
Vicky Culp Pope School
Melanie Hardy Pope School
Debre Darby Pope School
Leigh Darby Pope School
Kim Darby Batesville Middle School
Jeff Darby Maintenance
Gail Daugherty South Panola High School
Linda Davis District Office
Mike Davis Pope School
Joann Davis Pope School
Linda Davis South Panola High School
Pamela Davis Batesville Intermediate School
Vera Davis Batesville Intermediate School
Jennifer Deloach Pope School
Jamie Dettor Pope School
Janet Dickerson South Panola High School
Louis Dickerson South Panola High School
Kelli Dickins Batesville Elementary School
Mandy Donahue Batesville Elementary School
Carrie Doubleday Pope School
Melissa Downs Batesville Junior High School
Donald Downs South Panola High School
Heather Downs Batesville Middle School
Mary Doyle Batesville Elementary School
Haley Drake Batesville Junior High School
Joy Drake Batesville Intermediate School
Janet Draper Batesville Intermediate School
Claire Drew Batesville Junior High School
Keenya Dudley Batesville Junior High School
Deanna Dye South Panola High School
Houston Ealy Pope School
J Easley South Panola High School
Kerry Easley Batesville Elementary School
Brittany Edwards South Panola High School
Rachel Elliott Batesville Intermediate School
Shannon Ellis Batesville Elementary School
Olivia Estridge Batesville Junior High School
Deirdre Eubanks Batesville Elementary School
Hank Farish Batesville Middle School
Tiffany Faulkner Batesville Intermediate School
Ame Fletcher Batesville Junior High School
Debbie Fletcher South Panola High School
Patti Flint Batesville Junior High School
Christina Flint Batesville Middle School
Amy Florence Batesville Intermediate School
Leslie Flowers South Panola High School
Sara Floyd Batesville Middle School
Michelle Ford Batesville Junior High School
Claire Fowler Batesville Elementary School
Sylvia Franklin South Panola High School
Meledia Freeman Batesville Intermediate School
Leslie Gammill South Panola High School
Cathy Garner Pope School
Camille Garner Batesville Middle School
Mary Garner Batesville Intermediate School
Kimberly Garner Batesville Elementary School
Justin Geurin South Panola High School
Justin Geurin South Panola High School
Annebel Gibbons Batesville Elementary School
Frances Gibson Pope School
Jan Gole Batesville Middle School
Steven Goodgame Batesville Junior High School
Cyndi Goodgame Batesville Junior High School
Jayme Gordon Child Development Center
Harriet Gorove Batesville Elementary School
Cedric Graham Batesville Junior High School
Carolyn Graham Batesville Middle School
Flora Graham Batesville Intermediate School
Betty Sue Gregg South Panola High School
Angela Griffin Batesville Intermediate School
Emily Griste Batesville Junior High School
Joy Gross Batesville Elementary School
Stephanie Hall Batesville Junior High School
Tina Hamby District Office
Lashunda Hamilton Batesville Intermediate School
Angela Hannaford Pope School
Laura Hannaford Batesville Middle School
Lisa Hardin Batesville Junior High School
Joy Hardin Batesville Junior High School
Susan Hardy Batesville Junior High School
Mitzi Hardy District Office
Bea Harmon Batesville Elementary School
Duwanna Rudd Batesville Intermediate School
Molly Hawkins Batesville Intermediate School
Susan Hawkins Batesville Intermediate School
Christy Haynes Batesville Elementary School
Hollie Hays Batesville Junior High School
Diane Heafner Batesville Elementary School
Teresa Helmes Alternative School
Anne Hemphill Batesville Intermediate School
Tonya Henderson Batesville Intermediate School
Teresa Herron Batesville Intermediate School
Gwen Herron Batesville Elementary School
Monica Hervey Batesville Middle School
Ashleigh Hicks South Panola High School
Trea Higdon Batesville Junior High School
Annie Hilliard Batesville Elementary School
Annette Hines Alternative School
Janis Hollis Pope School
Jimmie Holmes Batesville Junior High School
Rex Houston South Panola High School
Misty Houston Batesville Intermediate School
Tina Houston Batesville Intermediate School
Charlie Howard South Panola High School
Roger Howell Transportation
Jamie Hubbard South Panola High School
Jowanda Hubbard Batesville Intermediate School
Cassie Hudson Batesville Intermediate School
Pam Hudson Batesville Elementary School
Doug Ingram Pope School
Lasherry Irby Batesville Elementary School
Diane Isom Batesville Elementary School
Kim Jackson South Panola High School
Karen Jarvis Batesville Junior High School
Tyrone Jenkins Batesville Intermediate School
Virginia Johnson Batesville Intermediate School
Sheryl Sullivant Batesville Elementary School
Joan Johnson District Office
Phyllis Johnson District Office
Jackie Johnson Batesville Elementary School
Tammy Jones Batesville Junior High School
Laurie Jones Batesville Junior High School
Annie Jones Batesville Middle School
Mary Jones Batesville Intermediate School
Carolyn Jones Batesville Elementary School
Rosa Jones Batesville Elementary School
Ruby Kelley South Panola High School
Luke Kiihnl Pope School
Marcia Kilpatrick South Panola High School
Marian Kincaid Batesville Junior High School
Velma King Batesville Junior High School
Anthony Kirkwood Batesville Junior High School
Chelsea Knight South Panola High School
James Koestler South Panola High School
Dorothy Lamarr South Panola High School
Yvonne Lamberth Batesville Intermediate School
Hope Langston Pope School
Chanda Lantern South Panola High School
Alisha Lantrip Batesville Intermediate School
Latara Lawson Batesville Junior High School
Cecilia Leach District Office
Elizabeth Leake South Panola High School
Amanda Lee Batesville Intermediate School
Zannie Leland South Panola High School
Rhonda Leland Batesville Intermediate School
Paula Lewis Batesville Junior High School
Dorothy Lewis Batesville Intermediate School
Angela Lewis Batesville Elementary School
Brad Lightsey Batesville Middle School
Haylee Lipe Batesville Junior High School
Dawayne Lloyd Pope School
Cynthia Lloyd Batesville Middle School
Teresa Lloyd Batesville Elementary School
Melinda Long Pope School
Connie Long Batesville Elementary School
Jennifer Ludlam Batesville Junior High School
Marilyn Mackey Batesville Intermediate School
Nancy Major Pope School
Renee Manning Batesville Elementary School
Beverly Manning Batesville Elementary School
Courtney Maples Batesville Middle School
Claudia Marshall South Panola High School
Meghan Marshall Batesville Elementary School
Lester Martin District Office
Julie Martin Batesville Elementary School
Amanda Massey Batesville Junior High School
Linda Massey South Panola High School
Josie Mathis Batesville Junior High School
Christy McCulley Pope School
Whitney McCurdy Batesville Intermediate School
Patara McDaniel South Panola High School
Tabatha McDowell Batesville Elementary School
Kay McDuffie Batesville Intermediate School
Geraldine McFarling Batesville Middle School
Cecil McGhee South Panola High School
Leigh McGovern Batesville Intermediate School
Lynn McGregor Batesville Elementary School
Cathryn McKee South Panola High School
Rachel McKinney Batesville Intermediate School
Caitlin McLarty South Panola High School
Tracy Meredith Batesville Middle School
Lashana Middleton Batesville Junior High School
FaLesia Miles District Office
Stephanie Miles Batesville Intermediate School
Tommy Miller Batesville Junior High School
Patrice Miller Batesville Junior High School
Connie Miller Batesville Middle School
Marianne Mills South Panola High School
Cynthia Mills Batesville Elementary School
Col Mims South Panola High School
Nancy Mitchell District Office
Debbie Moore Batesville Middle School
Keith Moore Maintenance
Tina Moore Batesville Intermediate School
Danielle Moore Batesville Intermediate School
Jan Moore Batesville Elementary School
Calandra Morgan Batesville Middle School
Yolinda Morgan Batesville Middle School
Allison Movitz South Panola High School
Lee Moyer South Panola High School
Michelle Mundroff Batesville Intermediate School
Scootie Murphree Transportation
Tamera Murphy Batesville Middle School
Samantha Newsom Batesville Junior High School
Judy Newton Batesville Middle School
Elizabeth Nichols Batesville Junior High School
Heather Nicholson Batesville Intermediate School
Margaret Nix Batesville Elementary School
Alanna Norwood Batesville Intermediate School
Patricia Oakes South Panola High School
Arnie Oakes South Panola High School
Margaret Odhiambo Batesville Elementary School
Amanda Overton Batesville Intermediate School
Leigh Pace Batesville Intermediate School
Patrick Parham South Panola High School
Farrie Parker South Panola High School
Rachel Parker Batesville Intermediate School
Beverly Patton Batesville Middle School
Lynelle Payne Batesville Middle School
Darlene Pegues Batesville Junior High School
Melanie Perry Pope School
Gwen Pettis Batesville Elementary School
Rosa Pettit District Office
Kendra Phelps Batesville Intermediate School
Rachel Pickett Pope School
Tracey Pierce Batesville Intermediate School
Thomas Pipkin Batesville Junior High School
Deana Pittman Batesville Junior High School
Holly Poe South Panola High School
Dixie Pogue Pope School
Lance Pogue South Panola High School
Lafonda Poland Batesville Middle School
Denise Pope Batesville Junior High School
Earnestine Pope Pope School
Margaret Pope District Office
Sara Powell-Johnson Batesville Junior High School
Patricia Powers Batesville Junior High School
Louise Powers Pope School
Sarah Powers Batesville Intermediate School
Scarlett Prewitt Pope School
Melinda Price Alternative School
Valerie Pride Batesville Intermediate School
Christine Pride Batesville Elementary School
Andrew Pylate Batesville Junior High School
Joy Ragon Pope School
Jane Rawson South Panola High School
Rebecca Rawson Batesville Intermediate School
Rickey Red South Panola High School
Lindsey Petit Batesville Elementary School
Donna Richmond South Panola High School
Lora Riley Pope School
Kaye Ritter South Panola High School
P.R. Roberts South Panola High School
Brent Roberts South Panola High School
Jill Roberts Batesville Elementary School
Matt Robertson South Panola High School
Rhonda Robertson District Office
Patrick Robey South Panola High School
Shelia Roebuck Batesville Elementary School
Cammie Rone Batesville Intermediate School
Barbara Rose Pope School
Betty Rotenberry Batesville Intermediate School
Catherine Rowan South Panola High School
Natalie Rowsey Batesville Elementary School
Carla Rudd Batesville Intermediate School
Karen Rudd Batesville Elementary School
Barbara Rudd Batesville Elementary School
Cindy Runnels Batesville Intermediate School
Lacy Russell Batesville Elementary School
Alisa Russell Batesville Elementary School
Beth Rybolt Batesville Elementary School
Elizabeth Rybolt Batesville Elementary School
Jay Sandlinn District Office
Diane Sanford Pope School
Bedeliah Sanford Batesville Elementary School
Blair Satallings Batesville Junior High School
Fame Scammon Batesville Elementary School
Tianna Scammon Batesville Elementary School
Mary Seale Batesville Junior High School
Jamie Seay Batesville Intermediate School
Tish Self Pope School
Keith Shaffer District Office
Elisa Sharp South Panola High School
Deborah Sherman Batesville Elementary School
Wanda Shields Batesville Intermediate School
Bettye Shows Batesville Elementary School
Kathy Sibley Batesville Elementary School
Kim Simmerman Batesville Junior High School
Gary Sims Batesville Junior High School
Robyn Sims Child Development Center
Linda Slaughter Batesville Middle School
Rebecca Slinkard South Panola High School
Artee Smith Batesville Junior High School
Billy Smith South Panola High School
Rene Smith South Panola High School
Florene Smith South Panola High School
Lisa Smith South Panola High School
Anita Smith Batesville Intermediate School
Tammy Smith Batesville Elementary School
Barbara Smith Batesville Elementary School
Kaye Smythe South Panola High School
Sandy Snelling Batesville Junior High School
Pam Stafford South Panola High School
Ralph Stallings South Panola High School
Dee Standard Batesville Elementary School
Laverne Stanford Batesville Middle School
Andrea Staten Batesville Middle School
Lela Stennett Pope School
Patricia Stewart Batesville Intermediate School
Pat Stokes Batesville Intermediate School
Teresa Sturgis Maintenance
Shante Stutts Batesville Junior High School
Janice Sutton Batesville Elementary School
Audrey Tabor Batesville Middle School
Jennifer Taylor Batesville Junior High School
Lynn Taylor South Panola High School
Ruth Taylor South Panola High School
Effie Telford Batesville Elementary School
Wanda Thomas Batesville Middle School
Brenda Thomas Batesville Elementary School
Renee Thompson Pope School
Kim Thompson Batesville Elementary School
Libby Tidwell South Panola High School
Rhonda Tiller Batesville Intermediate School
Brenda Tims Pope School
April Tindall Batesville Elementary School
Kathy Todd Alternative School
Michele Toles South Panola High School
Jackquelyn Toliver Transportation
Marni Towles Batesville Elementary School
Betty Traywick South Panola High School
Paula Tribble Batesville Middle School
Kathy Tribble Batesville Elementary School
Teresa Tucker District Office
Shelly Turner South Panola High School
Sharon Tutor Child Development Center
Susan Vance Pope School
Anne Walker South Panola High School
Shirley Wall Batesville Elementary School
Donna Walls Batesville Elementary School
Kim Ward Batesville Middle School
Lue Ware Pope School
Dana Ware Pope School
Sara Ware South Panola High School
Janet Ware Batesville Elementary School
Holly Washington Batesville Junior High School
Mildred Washington Batesville Elementary School
Lessie Webb Pope School
Barbara Webb Alternative School
Tammy Weldon Batesville Elementary School
Heather Wells Batesville Elementary School
Melanie Whitten Batesville Elementary School
Natalie Whitworth Pope School
Nikki Whitworth Batesville Elementary School
Allena Wiese South Panola High School
Julie Wigginton Alternative School
Diane Wiley Parent Center
David Wilkerson South Panola High School
Jennifer Wilkie Pope School
Nikki Williams South Panola High School
Sandra Williams Batesville Middle School
Sharon Williams Alternative School
Natalie Williams Batesville Intermediate School
Krissi Williams South Panola High School
Danielle Willis Pope School
Mario Willis South Panola High School
Charles Willoughby Batesville Junior High School
Kim Wilson South Panola High School
Kristy Wilson Batesville Intermediate School
Jennifer Winters Batesville Intermediate School
Amanda Witt South Panola High School
Kay Wolfe South Panola High School
Vicki Wolfe Batesville Elementary School
Meg Woods Batesville Middle School
Macy Wortham Batesville Junior High School
Marsha Wren Batesville Elementary School
Leah Wrenn South Panola High School
Misty Wright Batesville Junior High School
Cody Whatley District Office
Stephanie Franklin Batesville Middle School
Deletha Aldridge Batesville Elementary School
Robin Robinson Batesville Elementary School
Jason Matthews Batesville Jr. High School
Tim Fowler South Panola High School
Lorenzo Grimes South Panola High School
Gina Pearson District Office
Hollie Roberson Batesville Jr. High School
Hollie Roberson Batesville Jr. High School
Lisa Pinkston Batesville Middle School
Bertha Towns Pope School
Rebecca Hawthorne Pope School
BJHS Groups Batesville Jr. High School
Jean Davis Pope School
Elizabeth Mills Batesville Elementary School
Darrick Hervey Batesville Middle School
Nikki Burchfield Batesville Middle School
Sara Red Pope School
Nikki Mills Pope School
Shelly Stockton Pope School
Brittany Howell Pope School
Ashley Fonte Pope School
Timothy Goss South Panola High School
Angel Sarich South Panola High School
Tracey Moore Batesville Elementary School
Elizabeth Mills Batesville Elementary School
Kneiliahe Flowers Batesville Elementary School
Nikki Reed Batesville Elementary School
Greg Stephan South Panola High School
Karen Harris Batesville Middle School
Annah Bailey Batesville Jr. High School
Melissa Gragson Batesville Middle School
Brittany Moxley Batesville Jr. High School
Marion Strickland South Panola High School
Suzanne Strehle South Panola High School
Susan Holland South Panola High School
Amanda Goodwin South Panola High School
Bethany Whittington South Panola High School
Milton Talbert South Panola High School
Jessica Thorpe South Panola High School
Kendall Morgan South Panola High School
Justin Reed South Panola High School
Stephanie Wales South Panola High School
Cynthia Davis South Panola High School
Jordan Hardin Batesville Middle School
Tonya Wright Batesville Middle School
Julie Johnson Batesville Elementary School
Stephanie Beaird Batesville Middle School
Rachel Doubleday Batesville Middle School
James Listenbee Batesville Middle School
Kim Carver Batesville Elementary School
Houston Ealy South Panola High School
Leslie Paige Mock Batesville Jr. High School
Sean Norwood DWIA
Christopher Jones DWIA
Pat Gleeton DWIA
Teresa Helmes DWIA
Heather Ales DWIA
Teresa Browning DWIA
Annette Hines DWIA
Sharon Williams DWIA



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