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       The tradition of excellence BEGINS at BJH!!
If you need to register, or if you need information about
Batesville Junior High
please call our main office

We will be glad to help in any way.

   If you have a student registering for the first time at Batesville Junior High school, you will need to make an appointment with one of our counselors before August 7.  It will be necessary for you to have the information listed below.  Also, you will need to stop by the District Office at 209 Boothe Street and fill out the paperwork required for our Lunch program.  While at the District Office, you may present your two proofs of residency to Mr. Chapman, Transportation/Residency Director.

New students registering at the junior high school need to have the following:

 Are you overwhelmed by the new, huge Junior High?  Do you need a "listening ear" and a caring adult with whom to talk? 

 Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Dickerson and Ms Worthem are available everyday. 

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